When you send Bitcoins in Spot you have the choice between two different Bitcoin network fees mode.

  • ⚡️ Express mode, when you need your Bitcoins to be delivered as fast as possible. In most cases it should take up to ten minutes to confirm.
  • 🚲 Economic mode, when it is not crucial for the Bitcoins to be delivered very fast. This mode is cheaper, but note that the transaction can take two hours (or even more depending on the status of the Bitcoin network) to confirm.

How are the fees computed?

Spot tries to compute the fees ensuring the delivery is the fastest possible in Express mode. Note that as the Bitcoin network can always be unpredictable, there can be cases where your transaction takes more time to confirm (for example, if the network suddenly gets clogged).

👉 Do not hesitate to contact the support if you are seeing abnormal confirmation times so we can take a look at it. In all cases, the Bitcoins you sent are never lost, even if it takes time!

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