Buying Bitcoins to a friend or your loved ones is easy with Spot! Print or share Bitcoin gift cards to offer them to your close ones and friends. Welcome them to the future!

Send a gift card or print it!

Our Bitcoin gift cards have two forms:

  • either you can send a text message with the share sheet (via SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger…) so the person you are offering the bitcoins to can redeem them instantly with the link right in the message;
  • or print an amazing gift card you can give or send the traditional way.

Even if the person you want to offer bitcoins is not using Spot (yet!) the gift card explains all the steps to download the app and redeem the code so redeeming the gift is easy.

How to buy a gift card?

First, tap on the Offer Bitcoins button in the Buy tab.

Then, tap on Offer Bitcoins, and you will see the Offer Bitcoins buy screen.

Once your purchase has been completed, you will see a notification in your wallet to share your gift.

Depending on the platform you are ending up using, you have several options to share your gift card: you can share directly the gift card with any messaging app, or you can use the print button of the Share sheet to print your gift card.

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