Invite your friends to earn Bitcoins! Our brand new referral program is a great way to earn bitcoins easily, and there are not only one, but two advantages by doing it:

  • Each time you invite a friend, you will earn a $1 reward in bitcoin when your friend makes his/her first purchase of any amount in the app. Your friend will earn $1 in bitcoin too after his/her first purchase.
  • For each friend who purchase bitcoin in Spot, you earn 50% of our commission in bitcoin. For example, for a $150 purchase, you get approximately $4.50 in bitcoin.

All your rewards are in Bitcoin. Your rewards are automatically sent to your wallet at the end of the month and you can send (or hodl) them right away!

Rewards are unlocked as soon as your friends make a purchase of any amount in the app.

How many friends can I invite?

You can invite an unlimited number of friends in the referral program. You will earn $1 in bitcoin after their first purchase + 50% of our commission (in bitcoin) each time one friend purchases in the app.

Does it work for each and every purchase of my friends?

Indeed! If your friends purchase regularly in the app, you will each time earn Bitcoins!

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