My purchase has been rejected. What can I do?

There can be various reasons for the rejection (name and address spelled incorrectly, card provider not supported, your bank rejecting the payment…).

You can check the status of your purchase directly in the app: to do so, go to the Home tab, and tap on the Activity section, then on your pending purchase. Then, tap on the Track purchase button.

Please try to perform another purchase:

  • Ensure that all the information you entered is correct (name, address, credit/debit card number…).
  • Try another credit or debit card.

If your payment is still rejected, please contact the corresponding support:

  • If you used Simplex for your purchase, connect to You will be asked for your Simplex ID which you can find in your payment details in the Activity section of the Home tab.
  • If you used MoonPay for your purchase, send an email to You will be asked for your MoonPay ID which you can find in the Activity section of the Home tab.

When will my credit or debit card get refunded?

If there is any problem during payment processing, our providers will refund your payment.

Your card is never charged for a rejected payment as our providers are doing a card authorization check. If your payment is rejected, the authorization is then voided. It should take less than 72 hours.

If it is not the case please contact our providers supports directly (see above).

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