Tap on the Invest tab to start or tap directly on a crypto in the Home tab and tap on the Buy button the tap on 💵 Buy with cash.

Choose an amount to buy

You can select an amount with the slider or tap on the amount to edit it directly with a keyboard.
Then tap on Continue and enter your email address. Tap Continue.


Finish your purchase by filling your payment information on our provider website. The connection is entirely secured and Spot will not have access to your payment information.

Supported payment methods

You can use three different methods of payment to buy bitcoins in Spot:

  • Visa (credit & debit cards).

  • Mastercard (credit & debit cards).

  • On iOS devices, Apple Pay (if supported and available).

  • On Android devices, Google Pay and Samsung Pay (if supported and available).

All done

Congrats! Your payment will be processed and your bitcoins delivered afterwards.

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